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Neighbourhood Profile

Reigate and Banstead District (Local Authority1)


Population of an area could have an impact on your leaflet distribution results. Types of businesses who may have a vested interest in population data could be fast food restaurants, short terms loan company and marketing companies.

Your leaflet distribution initiative would not be limited to these business sectors, it however highlights the flexibility of your direct marketing venture opening door to the use of population data for leaflet distribution and or flyer distribution campaigns.

Total number of People


Door to door distributing to singles? Do you have a service which married couples could benefit from? Below is the most up-to-date information we hold about marital status' of people in Reigate and Banstead District. This information related to people in RH1 3 Merstham and could be relevant to companies or organisations that wish to door to door distribute or deliver their leaflet distribution campaign based on residents' marital status in the Reigate and Banstead District area.

Marital status (all people aged 16 and over)
Composition (all households)  

Ethnicity and Religion

People in Reigate and Banstead District are mostly and of the faith. Merstham is a local within the London Borough of Reigate and Banstead District. To help you further with your door to door distribution campaign, here are some additional facts to consider as part of your leaflet distribution delivery campaign.

Ethnicity - Largest ethnic group(s)  

Depending on the leaflet distribution campaign; faith can be an important factor when deciding which postcode sector to target in Merstham. Below is a breakdown of the faith diaspora in RH1 3, Merstham.

Religion (all people)  


Knowing your target audiences health situation could make a difference to your leaflet distribution campaign. This could be particularly useful to gyms or health clubs who wish to locate and offer incentives to increase the prospects of a leaflet distribution delivery.

All people  


Knowing if the target audience in RH1 3 Merstham are in work and can afford your product or service is key to any successful leaflet distribution and should be considered when conducting a leaflet distribution door drop campaign. Below are the statistics we hold on individuals within Reigate and Banstead District relating to employment and work.

Status (all people aged 16-74)  
Travel to work (all people in employment)
Qualifications (all people aged 16-74)

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